The dream of opening a gastronomic fish restaurant in Miami, has finally come true! Casa Venezia brings an exquisite selection of dishes from the Veneto region of Italy, to the south coast of Florida. All of our recipes use only the best quality organic ingredients that are carefully selected, and all of our recipes are a combination of traditional Venetian and Mediterranean cuisine. They are designed to allow you to enjoy a moment of relaxation, while enjoying a good plate of fresh fish either during your work break, or in the comfort of your home. You can also stock up on our artisan larder products which you can keep in the fridge or freezer. A lunch or family dinner? An evening with friends? You will always be prepared for the unexpected with our unique artisan products!
Our promoters Massimo Marinato and Silvia Barbieri are from Venice Italy and have about twenty years experience in the fish food sector. They are descendants of an Italian-Venetian culinary history that has been passed downCeo through their families for generations. Massimo, the director of Casa Venezia, has over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur in the restaurant business and as a great connoisseur of fish:
“My main aim and goal of this restaurant is that the customer feels good. I love that relationship of respect and trust that is established between people, when good food becomes the common thread between us, the restauranteur and the customer. For me the food is both the physical well-being and the mental enjoyment. Because Enjoying a plate of our freshest fish, is a serene and special moment to share and appreciate. “(Massimo Marinato, Casa Venezia’s director)

Untitled-2Silvia, who sources the fish for our fish restaurant, is also a creative person who likes to bring both art and creativity to her role at Casa Venezia .
She studied at the prestigious Venice School of Art , and became a graphic artist first for five years, before moving in to the gastronomic world of fish. She was taught many culinary lessons from her mother-in-law, an established Venetian chef, who has been her main inspiration to create the culinary recipes for Casa Venezia:
“Our menu is not only good Italian food, but an Italian Venetian history, a tradition, the love of the land and the sea, the passion for the kitchen that becomes a sensation. We are creating  something unique, which is type of culinary art.” (Silvia Barbieri, Casa Venezia’s chef).
This idea of gourmet seafood, created with the intention of being able to enjoy it on the move or in the tranquility of your home, is restaurant quality, very traditional Italian fish recipes at very reasonable prices.

We are an ethical and sustainable takeaway restaurant meaning that all of our fish is responsibly sourced . In our shop everything is measured by the pound. This allows the customer to purchase only what they actually need and will consume, thus minimising the effects of food waste and also protecting our environment too.
We know that this sales method is popular and works in the U.S. as we recently conducted market research in Miami into the best ways of operating our take away business, which will work for our Miami based customer.